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The project "Testing Laboratory" was born from a very simple reason: To be able to respond to this ever-faster technological progress and to support LAM, as company on the path of continuous growth and expansion, meeting its objectives manufacturing of cylinders and storage tanks on an industrial scale. This reason has led to the decision to construct within the own structure a cutting-edge testing laboratory.
This serves primarily to design the related to the production technical documentation on the most concrete and illustrative way and to monitor the performance of the products. On the other hand it allows, measuring, comparing and continuously improving of our products in several aspects. The main benefits of the testing laboratory are:
  • LAM wants to meet his goal: to develop its product not only based on best technical knowledge and "physical formulas” but on a basis of real tests and experience gained from close to the practice test figures.
  • A customer-focused service offering that allows customers, without own equipment, to respond to specific technical requirements on different markets.
  • Solid foundation for internal controls that serve as a tool for decisions on product development or technical changes.

The testing laboratory has several facilities in which various tests and measurements are carried out and results are gained:
  • Performance of the cylinders and thermal store
  • Continuous flow rate of domestic hot water
  • Available thermal capacity without reheating
  • Performance and pressure drop of different kind of heat exchangers
  • Mechanical resistance and stability tests
  • Climate chamber for the determination of stand-by heat losses

An integral part of the testing laboratory is the synoptic data management system that allows: displaying and exporting all data for automated analysis, data archiving and designing of clear illustrations: diagrams, graphs and performance and efficiency curves.
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