The company was founded in 1982 as a manufacturer of steel products and general engineering products. Tanks and boilers formed the main scope of the production. The two founders Renato Gheller and Daberto Otto saw good opportunities to develop the business further in this area and a few years later, the company entered the European market with thermal storage tanks, combined tanks and cylinders for solar and heating systems.


In 1987 LAM BOLLITORI SRL was founded.


In the 90’s the company continued to expand its sales in several European markets and to increase its production applying advanced technology and highly skilled staff which contributed to faster development.


In 2000 INIFLEX SRL joined the group. The core business of NEW INIFLEX was manufacturing and distribution of thermal insulation. Exploiting its own patents and innovative materials for new insulation INIFLEX managed to adapt to the demands of an increasingly demanding and competitive market, thereby being able to respond and satisfy the needs of customers.


The quality is supported by a careful and constant monitoring of the production process which reflected in 2008 in its obtaining an ISO 9001 certificate. This allowed it to be more focused on production cycles and to continue to improve the high level of service competence.


In 2012 the companies LAM BOLLITORI and INIFLEX merged to form LAM INDUSTRIES SRL with the aim to strengthen the service base and streamline the operations in order to create a leading market position. The company expanded its modern production facilities, advanced technologies and service level in the construction and distribution of thermal stores, hot water cylinders, combined tanks, heat pumps. In this process the enterprise was able to deliver one stop shop solutions producing and developing thermal insulation and constantly introducing new and environmentally friendly products.


Currently the company employs 70 employees and is spread over 32.000 square meters of which 16,000 are production premises.
LAM INDUSTRIES has always guaranteed the use of high quality raw materials and components to ensure first-class product quality.
The company today maintains its enthusiastic commitment to strengthen the development, innovation and quality that characterized the success achieved during the earlier years. The establishment of new testing facilities and a laboratory for technical analysis reflects the policy of continuous product improvement.

Its flexible structure allows the company to respond quickly and effectively to the specific and unique requirements of each customer.

Our experience, combined with the ability of our technicians, allows us to develop, design and build customised solutions, even beyond the normal standard products while maintaining the quality that has always distinguished our products.

The image of the past continues to be a source of inspiration for the company but our focus is always looking to the future and continuing to achieving more successes.